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Sozo is a beautiful and innovative line of children’s craft kits from Israel. The brand started as a collaboration between 2 friends, both mums of young children - an illustrator and an architect of creative play spaces. Crafting is part of their daily routine as they find that it comes with so many benefits. Sozo craft kits promote the practice of traditional techniques in a modern way. They encourage children to follow a process in order to complete a project which enhances critical thinking, improves hand eye coordination and builds self-esteem. The learned skills and values are the actual benefit of the products and the beautiful finished item becomes the bi-product.

Sozo’s passion for enhancing the creativity of children is matched by its concern about protecting our earth. From raw materials, assembly, packaging and transportation, they drive to minimize waste. All packaging materials are made of recycled cardboard and paper and FSC timber is used. On selected designs, the package becomes part of the final product, creating zero waste. Packaging is designed to be as minimalistic as possible in order to save space and weight during transportation. As part of the Sozo ‘giving back’ mentality, products are packed in part by the ENOSH foundation which provides employment for people with special needs.

The Sozo range includes needle point picture frame, wall art and pillow kits as well as weaving kits.

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